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C'mon...lets be serious here, - Elections Are Stolen From Voters, Not Candidates [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Elections Are Stolen From Voters, Not Candidates

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C'mon...lets be serious here, [Nov. 6th, 2006|05:48 pm]
Elections Are Stolen From Voters, Not Candidates


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The problem with the midterms is that the
political system is no longer transferable.

Consider this: Did the Bush troupe assemble all the levers of
absolute power including unlimited surveillance of every phone
call, e-mail, bank transaction, doctor’s visit etc just to
transfer that power over to Democratic control?

Did they frantically slap together the Military Commission Act
of 2006, which repeals the Bill of Rights and denies American
citizens due process of law if they are imprisoned on the orders
of the president, just to hand that power over to Hilary Clinton
or Barak Obama?

Did they painstakingly change the laws restricting the “cruel
and inhuman” treatment of prisoners or spend years composing the
volumes of repressive legislation in the Patriot Act, the
Homeland Security Act, and The John Warner Defense Authorization
Act of 2007 (which allows the president to deploy troops within
the country against American citizens) just to deliver the
entire apparatus of police-state power to Patrick Leahy and
Teddy Kennedy?

These guys are shooting for the moon and they’ve done a pretty
good job of achieving their objectives. In 6 years, the
government has been utterly transformed. The media now
goose-step along with the political establishment, while the
politicians flawlessly execute the agenda of the
corporate-banking alliance.

There’s nothing new here, except that the main players now feel
that personal freedom is a luxury that we can no longer afford
as we begin a century where the struggle for vital energy
supplies and control of the global economic system will pave the
way for endless war.

Perpetual war requires strong centralized power; autocratic
government, not the namby-pamby “one man, one vote” scenario
that we’re accustomed to. Bush summarized the elite sentiment
quite well when he opined, “There’s nothing wrong with a
dictatorship, as long as I’m the dictator.”


So, what can we expect in the midterm elections? The real
question is: What should we NOT expect in the elections.We
should not expect dramatic change from our present trajectory.
Whether Karl Rove engineers another electoral-coup or not, is
beside the point. The system has been reshaped to meet the needs
and aspirations of the ruling mandarins. Establishment elites
and plutocrats are determined to seize Iraqi resources as the
only reliable way of controlling China’s growth, maintaining the
strength of the “dollar-system”, and preserving the
Superpower-model of global rule. They have already indicated
that they are willingly use nuclear weapons to defend American
primacy in the world and protect the present order.

I take them at their word.

Our vote won’t change these things, so its time to grow up and
realize that our freedom is no longer free. If we are serious
about leaving the world a better place than we found it, or even
if we simply want to pass on some of the things we enjoyed to
our children, (some freedom, perhaps) we’ll have to accept all
the tedious, laborious work of organizing groups for social
change and getting involved in direct action.(civil
disobedience?) And, of course, all that organizing will take
place in an atmosphere of government suspicion and hostility,
where people can be arrested, harassed and bullied without
explanation and without “probable cause” of wrongdoing.
It’s a bleak picture, but it’s the truth.
The system is thoroughly corrupted. The Executive branch is
corrupt, the congress is corrupt, the courts are corrupt, and
the media is the most corrupted institution of all; a mere
bullhorn for the political-military establishment.
Everyone should vote, but there’s no need for denial. The system
is broken and if we plan to fix it we need to pull our heads out
of the sand and stop whining. If we really believe in the
American dream,(and I do) then we should be willing to rebuild
it block by block."


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[User Picture]From: drscribe
2006-11-07 02:02 pm (UTC)
I'm with you. good luck to California today, although as I have predicted the CA gov race seems to be one of the most secure GOP offices in the land. Oregon gov is close as can be. I'd love to have voted out some incumbents that I voted for just to be safe. They have a County Income tax on the ballott here, if it passes I will move very quickly, right after the first of the year. It will just make my tax burden way too high, when I could pay less in CA, or nothing at all in WA or NV. I am really nervous about that, I don't want to move until summer, but I just can not see paying so much more than others who make way way more than I do.
So this election is very crucial to me on the local level, my House critter is pretty safe, our Senators are not up this time. In the state races it has been amusing, the Republicans tend not to mention party affiliation at all, and if they get called a Republican they scream partisanism. The GOP name has been treated like an insult by its own candidates.
We vote by mail. My ballott goes directly from my hand to an election official, as I take it in by hand. I like that. I recommend voting by mail for all states!
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