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After 6 months of work, I've put together a compilation of online comics from my series "The Straight Talk Express". If you are interested in a comic dedicated to exposing, mocking, satirizing, and informing the world about John McCain (and lately, Sarah Palin), please check it out at

The page gives links to a PDF of the book, the cafepress page where you can order one, and a link to the site where the strips were created. I think there's some good stuff in there, so please take a look. The strips are from an online source, so the image quality isn't awesome, but I have years of experience in desktop publishing so I think the layout, cover and writing are actually pretty good.

Thanks in advance, and keep up the good fight!

C'mon...lets be serious here,

The problem with the midterms is that the
political system is no longer transferable.

Consider this: Did the Bush troupe assemble all the levers of
absolute power including unlimited surveillance of every phone
call, e-mail, bank transaction, doctor’s visit etc just to
transfer that power over to Democratic control?

Did they frantically slap together the Military Commission Act
of 2006, which repeals the Bill of Rights and denies American
citizens due process of law if they are imprisoned on the orders
of the president, just to hand that power over to Hilary Clinton
or Barak Obama?

Did they painstakingly change the laws restricting the “cruel
and inhuman” treatment of prisoners or spend years composing the
volumes of repressive legislation in the Patriot Act, the
Homeland Security Act, and The John Warner Defense Authorization
Act of 2007 (which allows the president to deploy troops within
the country against American citizens) just to deliver the
entire apparatus of police-state power to Patrick Leahy and
Teddy Kennedy?
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Hi.. I am brand new... someone suggested this LJ and to post a notice about a brand new film I just previewed last night.


Check it out when It comes to your town.

 I just got back from an incredible film. It is called Stealing America: Vote by vote.... and guess what it is about? The 2004 election and all the evidence of vote tampering in the 04 election. etc..


The director came and showed a prescreening at the Esquire in Clifton in Cincinnati Ohio

You can find out more here:

I have a copy of the preview draft version. She is going back and continuing to edit and get more permissions etc...

She is doing screenings in Cleveland and then in California.

People apparently are waking up.

Here is an article from Greg Palast
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Will The Next Election Be Hacked?

In a new Rolling Stone article Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses the Diebold effect on the 2006 elections.
Chris Hood, a former consultant for Diebold Election Systems, talks about the elections in Georgia. The way they were awarded a contract with no bid competitions, the fact that the predecessor to the secretary of state was at the time a lobbyist for Diebold, as well as what was actually done to the machines right before the elections.
"Six days before the vote, polls showed Sen. Max Cleland, a decorated war veteran and Democratic incumbent, leading his Republican opponent Saxby Chambliss - darling of the Christian Coalition - by five percentage points. In the governor's race, Democrat Roy Barnes was running a decisive eleven points ahead of Republican Sonny Perdue. But on Election Day, Chambliss won with fifty-three percent of the vote, and Perdue won with fifty-one percent."
Very interesting numbers, no?
I think this article is an important read, and I hope it gets the coverage it deserves. Of course we all know it won't, so I'm here spreading the word.
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Bonifaz talks about computer voting machines

John Bonifaz was the laywer who represented the Robb & Badnarik campaigns (and later in cooperation with Kerry) in contesting the 2004 Ohio election and seeking a full count of the votes. He's now running for secretary of state here in Massachusetts, against incumbent Bill Galvin. I'm his campaign's blogger. Recently, I posted a video that combines three clips of Bonifaz answering questions. Part of it relates to what people have been posting about here...

In the first answer, he's talking about the Ohio recount and computer voting machines. It's the portion between 0:14 and about 01:20 in that video, starting with "... but clearly also, there's this issue about machines." He talks about how in the counties that used touchscreen voting, the only "recount" they could do was push the button and get another copy of the tally sheet, which is "absurd". He also talks about the danger of private companies owning voting machines and keeping the source code proprietary.

Bonifaz' Voters' Bill of Rights, in part 1, "Count every vote", calls for "a guarantee of open and transparent elections with verified voting, paper trails, hand-recorded paper ballots, and access to the source codes for, and random audits of, electronic voting machines. It also includes a guarantee that we the people, through our government, will control our machines voting not private companies.".

P.S. Here's another Ohio 2004 video. Someone, I don't know who, happened to be videotaping in Ohio shortly after the election, and caught a few minutes of Bonifaz answering someone's question on the street somewhere, talking about democracy and election integrity and grassroots politics. Totally off the cuff. I've also posted several other John Bonifaz videos as part of the current election campaign in Massachusetts, not necessarily related to Ohio 2004.

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In 1971 OPEC had a meeting at which they decide that whereever oil is bought or sold, it may only be bought or sold in US dollars. This means that Mexico selling oil to China has to be sold in US dollars, Holland trading with Morrocco has to be done in US dollars, etc etc. What this means is for anyone to trade oil, they have to buy dollars. This is how the US can owe more money than any country in the history of the world, but doesn't have to pay anything back because since 1971, thanks to this OPEC agreement, the US effectively has a magic chequebook.

Imagine you're maxed out past your overdraft limit in every bank in the world, and have been for decades, but it doesn't matter because everyone still accepts your cheques and they never come back to the bank.

So what could possibly happen to the magic chequebook of the US dollar to bring all of that money back to chase Washington on Wall Street? Well, it almost happened.

On 30/10/2000, when a switch was made to a deposit account in the Wall Street branch of a French bank. This was the account handling the 2.3 million barrells of oil sold per day by Iraq under the "oil for food" scheme. The Iraqis said that they wanted to switch the account from being a dollars denominated account to a euro denominated account. The UN couldn't stop them, but it looked like a stupid thing to do at the time because the euro was only worth eighty cents to the dollar. They'd lose money on every barrell they sold. They'd bankrupt their country within a year. The Iraqis didn't care, they hated America so much that they didn't want to trade in their currency.

In 2001, the euro gained 25% against the dollar. The Iranians then decided to switch their central bank's reserve funds from dollars to euros too. This makes them member number two on the axis of evil list, with number one being the Iraqis who started the trend.

7/12/2002, North Korea declares that it's going to do ALL of it's trading in euros. Not just oil, but everything. They're quickly branded "Axis of evil" member number three.

In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, the elected president, gains chainmanship of OPEC. He calls a meeting in Spain, in April of 2003 and on the table is the proposal that every single OPEC member stops trading in dollars and starts trading in euros. If that happened, that would be the federal reserve's worst nightmare because then every single central bank in every single country in the world has to abandon the dollar and start trading in euros. Such is the need for oil. All the dollars in those banks would be flushed out, the market would be awash with dollars and it would become a worthless currency. Worth less than toilet roll. The US would be back in it's 1920s and 1930s depression and this time they wouldn't have the Nazi party to invest in to save themselves.
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Problems in California

New ID System May Block Voters

"In Los Angeles County, the database rejected 14,629 people — 43% of those who registered from Jan. 1 to March 15. Officials are trying to resolve the problems in time for municipal elections April 11 in 14 cities in the county. They say the challenge will be far larger for the June 6 primary, which will involve many more voters."

"State Sen. Debra Bowen (D-Marina del Rey), who chairs the Senate elections committee and is running in the Democratic primary to challenge McPherson, said: 'We're looking at the potential for thousands and thousands of people to lose the right to vote.'"

The article is worth the read, if you haven't already seen this. It's definitely something to keep an eye on.
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