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Bonifaz talks about computer voting machines - Elections Are Stolen From Voters, Not Candidates [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Elections Are Stolen From Voters, Not Candidates

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Bonifaz talks about computer voting machines [Sep. 11th, 2006|10:05 am]
Elections Are Stolen From Voters, Not Candidates


John Bonifaz was the laywer who represented the Robb & Badnarik campaigns (and later in cooperation with Kerry) in contesting the 2004 Ohio election and seeking a full count of the votes. He's now running for secretary of state here in Massachusetts, against incumbent Bill Galvin. I'm his campaign's blogger. Recently, I posted a video that combines three clips of Bonifaz answering questions. Part of it relates to what people have been posting about here...

In the first answer, he's talking about the Ohio recount and computer voting machines. It's the portion between 0:14 and about 01:20 in that video, starting with "... but clearly also, there's this issue about machines." He talks about how in the counties that used touchscreen voting, the only "recount" they could do was push the button and get another copy of the tally sheet, which is "absurd". He also talks about the danger of private companies owning voting machines and keeping the source code proprietary.

Bonifaz' Voters' Bill of Rights, in part 1, "Count every vote", calls for "a guarantee of open and transparent elections with verified voting, paper trails, hand-recorded paper ballots, and access to the source codes for, and random audits of, electronic voting machines. It also includes a guarantee that we the people, through our government, will control our machines voting not private companies.".

P.S. Here's another Ohio 2004 video. Someone, I don't know who, happened to be videotaping in Ohio shortly after the election, and caught a few minutes of Bonifaz answering someone's question on the street somewhere, talking about democracy and election integrity and grassroots politics. Totally off the cuff. I've also posted several other John Bonifaz videos as part of the current election campaign in Massachusetts, not necessarily related to Ohio 2004.

[User Picture]From: cos
2006-09-11 05:43 pm (UTC)

a link

I should add the direct link to that video, in case you want to send it to someone (for example, your local elections officials :)
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